Monday, May 10, 2010

I Super Mean To Post More Often. Really.

I just don't. And then when I start feeling that an especially long time between post has occurred and yet I have nothing to say (or more likely don't seem to have the energy to type it, because, seriously when do I not have SOMETHING to say? Yeah, pretty much never. Opinions, I got 'em.) I reach into my folder labeled "Pictures To Use" and voila, a post!

It is time for a visit to the ocean. I haven't been on a beach, looking at the pacific waves, sand all up in my bits, sunglasses tanlines being established in ALMOST TWO YEARS. Umm, I live in California, people. There is something super wrong with this. There are like 15 things super wrong with this, actually. Luckily, I am working to remedy this dire situation in the near future. Flying a kite, snacks and beer, maybe even wearing a bathing suit are all in the works. The moment my feet hit that sand I am bolting for the water, I don't care how cold it is. GET ME SOME SALT WATER WAVES BEFORE I HOLD A DAYCARE OR SOME SHIT HOSTAGE, because I am losing my mind just a smidge.
The Truth, it speaks it.

Click to make this larger and be prepared to laugh. How various stimulants and depressants will affect you in different situations. Having lived briefly in a house during college in which walking into a room full of people tripping on mushrooms, etc was perfectly normal I found this chart to be hilariously accurate. But I have no personal experience AT ALL WITH ANY OF THIS NO REALLY.

For all I know this could be a painting of one of my favorite places from my teenage years, Los Carneros Park in Goleta. It looks exactly like my memories do and I have many, many memories of this place. I used to walk/run/bike/sit in this park at least three times a week for a couple of years. It had trails, lots of uncontrolled vegetation, and this lovely little lake in the middle. I assume it is mostly the same these days, but can't be sure, so I will let this perfect painting remind me in soft tones. I don't miss the existential/spiritual/personal challenges that I spent so much time contemplating in that place, but the sanctuary it provided a 15 year old girl on pristine blue sky days does make for a little wistfulness.

More Truth. And a Truth I am about to confirm by popping open a cold beer and taking a hot bath. It sounds odd until you try it, but trust and believe that a chilled bottle of a light beer in a steamy room, bubbles up to your nose is pretty freaking awesome. Cheers to that!