Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bits And Pieces

A list!

1. On my plane ride up to Washington a week or so ago I had the pleasure of watching a somewhat odd and sweet man maneuver through his travel experience. He was a slight build with white, white hair and an equally white beard of about 3 inches. He was probably in his late 50's early 60's, but with a very youthful stance and sparkling blue eyes. I first saw him standing near the gate, looking out of the floor to ceiling windows at the planes as they came and went. He was wearing all denim and stood with his legs planted wide apart and his fists on his hips. Think superhero position. He would lean back slightly and then rock on his feet and smile. I should mention that it is likely he has a developmental disability and that my little blurb about him is in no way an insult or joke about him. I found I felt rather affectionate towards him actually, or at least as much as a stranger can about another. He stayed there for a good 30 minutes and then we boarded the plane. I think he was pre-boarding, but didn't pay close attention. When I found my seat I realized we shared a row, with one person between us. I smiled at him and sat down. He immediately took off his shoes and placed them next to the canvass bag (with cartoon cars on it) under the seat in front of him. Hey, yeah why not get comfy? It is only an hour and a half flight, but shit, relax all you want. Also, I was okay with it because his feet did not stink. Good hygiene goes a long way with me. He spent nearly the entire flight nose to window, occasionally murmuring things to the sky and world below. I like to imagine he was throwing out compliments to the mountains and clouds or was engaging in some interstellar communication (Mork and Mindy style). When we landed he started clapping and said softly, "oh hurray! good landing plane!" He put on his shoes, retrieved his bag and waited his turn to exit the plane. And I think I fell in love with his perspective on things a little. Wherever you are little gnome-like man, I sincerely hope you are still as happy and amazed by life as you were that day. However, to the man with the matted toupee in the seat in front of me? Let it go. You are not sandy blonde, you are not young, hip, and in the late 1970's anymore, and you are not going to convince anyone otherwise.

2. I have made two meals that are exactly the serving size for one person in the past two days. This is quite the feat as I usually cook for a family of 6 at the minimum. Adjusting to cooking for one (okay only down from two, but still, a change) is going better than I imagined. Leftovers are sort of depressing, so I am liking this plenty. Cooking related, I sort of had an unintentional flambe experience last night. My eyebrows are still in place and no fire broke out, but the flame plume was impressive. I know how to keep it exciting, even if it is only exciting to me.

(it was like this, but with me making the "oh shit!" face in the background)

3. Applied myself to applying for jobs today. Sent out four resumes and cover letters and am going to sit with my fingers crossed. Okay, I am going to go to band rehearsal, call a friend, and work on some art instead of sitting, but it felt productive to put myself out there. I am staying fairly upbeat about finding work, or at least surviving on unemployment for now until the magic of the fates bestows upon me a killer position somewhere for a reasonable amount of money. Ah, timing. It really is everything.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, You See I Was Trying To Do My Taxes When...

My printer ran out of black ink, I realized a specific form I needed was no longer in my possession currently, and my internal though process started resembling that of an ADD pre-pubescent boy. Time to take a break.

I am running low on energy, but as you all know, never low on pictures. You also know where this is going.

If you don't already see the winner in this picture look again. Now, imagine approaching life in his manner. Animal print! Thumbs up! One foot forward! That's right, chickadees, be a hand-full from the get-go!

Sexiest. Arrestee. Ever.

I am guilty of occasionally using vaguely internet-like lingo (acronyms such as BTW, OMG, FWIW come to mind) to retardedly comment on things of interest, but when it comes down to it, I fucking hate all the simpleton sounding phrases. And since I am all about harnessing the power of my random rageful leanings I use it for good. Or for snarking about people I hardly know as they walk by my window saying stupid shit and wearing frighteningly ill fitting clothes. I love being a bitch.

When I found this I nearly cried with joy. Stoleyourprozac has a lolcat, people!! (It should be noted that although this cat did take your prozac, it did so only because I carefully trained it to. So really it was me all along and my moniker is still appropriate.)

Hell, I don't know with this one. I thought about discussing hiding from the world, masks we wear, blah, blah, blah... really I just like this picture and hokey costume items.

I'm going to go create a Hall and Oates Pandora station now and pretend these picture heavy dealy-bobs count as a real post. HUZZAH.