Monday, March 30, 2009


I want to be this man's friend. Unfortunately I think he may not look this rad anymore.

Also, this made me giggle and then snort. Share I must.

HA! Mothra...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phantom Niece

Since I just talked about excluding details regarding family it only makes sense that I word-vomit about my adorable, defenseless niece in the context of a family gathering. And for good measure my nephew too. I didn't blog when he was an infant/toddler so I have to make up for lost time.

All glory and praise be to the young relatives!! Not kidding, I experience what I imagine is close to bliss in the moments I get with those two. We play, we babble, we cuddle and I almost burst with love. I recently was in WA for a wedding and niece's birthday #1. I stole away with her and my nephew as much as the rest of my family would allow and good times were had. I carried her around on my hip or cradled her in my lap and read the newly minted five year old his favorite (of the day) book.

Leaving my sister and BIL's house was not pleasant as it meant the people I care for the most but see the least were again in my past. And I won't lie, I wanted more time to explore the world with the kiddos by my side. Catch more tumbling bodies, smell more downy heads, tickles more pudgy feet. I sat very still in the back seat of the car and watched the scenery, willing myself to commit all the words, noises, looks, games to memory. Suddenly I became aware of one of the greatest sensory experiences a person can have. The phantom weight of a child resting on you. Just as roller-coasters leave us whirly feeling hours later so can the steady weight of a child, then removed, linger. Is it some short-term muscle memory? Is my body on the fritz? I don't understand the physiology of it, nor do I care to. I just know that as the car ride continued to the ferry dock I barely moved so as not to disturb the impression left by my sweet redheaded hobit girl.

"and the greatest of these things is love." Can't argue with you on that one Jesus.

A deletion

This will be a quick note because I have some live music to see and I am morally opposed to attending such events in my pajamas. Which I am currently wearing. Change gonna come, oh yes it is.

Note: I am going to delete a post or two from my blog because I believe they involve personal information regarding people I care for. Clearly, I don't give a rats ass about divulging trade secrets about myself, but I do want to draw the line there. Also, I want my family to be able to read my blog without cringing, shuddering and feeling vague (or acute for that matter) animosity towards me. Not much has actually been said that would cause this reaction I don't think, but I am going to opt on the side of caution and assume it would trip some sensitivity wires. In this case assuming something is way less "ass out of u and me" and way more "protecting the feelings of those I love."

HOWEVER, this does not mean I won't mention you in the future. Especially if you did something I find particularly humorous like my good friend in WA who is a teacher and calls certain students "hot messes." TO THEIR FACE. That is hilarious and needs to be shared with the world without her permission. When she asks her particularly disorganized students why no one chose to be their binder activity partner they studiously reply "because my binder is a hot mess." So what did we learn today? "To not be such a hot mess." Educators take note.

So, it stands at one edited and one deleted. If EVER I cross the line let me know and I will remedy as quick as my ditzy-for-posting-it-in-the-first-place butt can. Assuming I like you. If not, I don't give a fuck.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When I Have My Own Band (Again)

I just came up with my hitherto nonexistent band's name! The Vacillators. How Fucking Bad-Ass! It came to me in a burst of early morning homemaking mocha genius. Okay, honestly I was sipping a mocha-like drink and in the middle of calling a Med Clinic to see if I could pick up my TB test result from two months ago to prove to my new employer that I am not sick with a highly contagious, gross me out disease when it just appeared before me. This apparition of awesome flitted around briefly before I got my mental butterfly catcher net out and brought that sucker in. Now gassed and pinned down for inspection the name is really showing its potential. I am going to go google search to make sure it isn't already taken and my excitement isn't for naught.

SWEET! I am golden. Now I shall copyright, stake my claim, and otherwise completely pwn this name.

If it isn't obvious why this title to my notational future is so effing candy-sweet then you are not so bright. I feel for you and will thus explain. The definition:

vac·il·late (vs-lt)

intr.v. vac·il·lat·ed, vac·il·lat·ing, vac·il·lates
1. To sway from one side to the other; oscillate.
2. To swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another. See Synonyms at hesitate.
[Latin vacillre, vacillt-, to waver.]
vacil·lating·ly adv.
vacil·lation n.
vacil·lator n.

The way I see it is this allows my imaginary band to cash in on multiple aspects of the term. Number 1 is of course the implied changing of course that would frequently occur. If a producer of sounds vacillates it would indicate the styles of songs are likely to shift on a intermittent basis and the freedom to explore new arenas of noise is implicate. No pigeon-holing here. Number 2 is that the definition of vacillate has a rhythmic quality to it. The swaying, movement oriented vibe is good all around. Number 3 is it is fun to say: The Vacillators. Seriously, try it out-loud and tell me it doesn't feel good in a sexy, slippery way.

Look for us on iTunes in the very far, distant, maybe never future.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Copout Post

I have some post I am working on, but mostly they suck and I am refuse to compromise the quality of this blog that has so clearly been established in the past months. SO. Instead I am going to put up a YouTube streaming musical number that I feel summarizes my entire existence. Seat-belts buckled?

You're welcome.

(An actual post that required effort on my part instead of letting the genius of others reflect on me simply because I have indicated a connection of sorts is in fact in the works. Mostly I am lazy.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trans-Octave Burps

Among my many unemployable skills is the ability to produce multi-tonal gaseous exertions. And I wonder why I don't have a job. Again. Hard learned advice is don't get uncontrollably sick without first notifying your employer weeks in advance and creating "health accommodations." What is that you say? How could I possibly know I was going to be ill and miss chunks of work ahead of time? I know, I thought it was rather demanding and unreasonable too, but as it turns out I have no legal recourse.

So today included continued general malaise, discovering a bump in my armpit that seems to be disconcertingly rapidly developing (probably just a swollen gland), and practicing my burps. I am aiming to be able to hit two different notes as well as whistle. Who wouldn't want to employ this hot mess!?!

Unrelated: Are blogs just an outlet for all of our unvoiced complaints and worries? Supplemental: if so, is that such a bad thing?

Unrelated #2: I am going to start writing music again. It will be moody and tell stories about nightly visions and robots bucking the system. Nothing new on the music scene. Gotta fill the day somehow. Perhaps I will use my mad burping skills and loop it as percussion on GarageBand.

Cure for Pain

Favorite band and a lovely encore set to be sure. Just enjoy...