Sunday, February 6, 2011

It Has Truly Been

"Been what?" you might naturally ask. At first I wrote It Has Truly Been Grand, but then I thought back on some of the material covered on this blog and in particular the events of the last couple years, chronicled both directly and indirectly and grand isn't quite the right word. I mean, writing on this blog has been hugely important to me. It allowed me to communicate with friends and family in a very new way, make amazing connections with people I would have never known about otherwise, sit and produce words that sometimes turned into funny stories and personal realizations... all really good stuff, but let's face it, this blog has been a bit of a downer at times. Anxiety, depression, psychotropic drugs, self-harm, unemployment, and finally... divorce! Fuck, it bums me out to think of it all and so I am letting you know that I am letting this blog be consumed by the ether. I have moved on to a new blog because in truth I have changed so much, over the last year in particular, that this blog and its history just doesn't fit right anymore. This place, like so many other places in my past are just too heavy with sadness to attach myself to them so directly anymore.

I am saying goodbye to these internet walls and making my new home here: I Love You To Madness Come on by, the music is on and the weather is nice. It will be much of the same snark and silliness, but tempered with a slightly more grateful and happy tone and with an eye on the future.

Thank you so very much if you joined me at any point in my journey here at Ward of the State of Mind. It has meant a great deal to me. Now, come on over!