Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Halloween, the greatest holiday pretty much ever is nearly upon us and I do not know what I am going as this year. Last year I was Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction post-OD from snorting heroin with syringe extruding from my breastplate. It was awesome. The year prior I was Beetlejuice from the movie of the same name with greenish/yellowish hair, striped pants and killer make-up. Again, awesome.

(some further adjustments were made after this quickie photobooth shot, but you get the idea)

This year I am at a loss. Anything that involves being dead or almost dead is clearly high up on the list, but I just haven't been struck by inspiration yet and I am getting nervous. I want this year to be epic and thus I am culling the extensive knowledge of my readership (all four of you) for ideas. Ready, set, COMMENT.

Winning idea gets a beer on me.


Gin said...

ZOMBIE SARAH PALIN! Complete with Bump-its and fresh manicure. Because even undead, bitch is put together. But still sad.

Anonymous said...

Joe and I have been at a loss as well. Trying to find 'couple costumes' is quite difficult...we keep thinking of good ones for one of us, and can't think of a matching on for the other. So far we have (and rejected):

Big Lebowski and Maude
MILF and Pool Boy
Silk Spectre and Nite Owl (from Watchmen)
Hermoine and...(I don't know. Joe just wants me to dress up as Hermoine...creepy fiance)

There have been a few others, but I can't think of them right now. Anyway, we're right there with inspiration this year.


T said...

How about Lucy? You have a Desi you can accessorize with, no? I usually go as the Invisible Man, meaning I just stay in bed and just CLAIM that I was at all the parties. Not fun, but effective. Make mine a Kronenbourg, mate... at the F&G.

I stole your Prozac said...

Well at least I am not alone in my existential angst over this. I will keep thinking.

@Gin: taking any living person and zombifying them is goodtimes. I may work with this idea...

@Les: Joe might be onto something with the HP theme... Also, I MISS YOU GUYS A LOT.

@T: I used to dress up as Lucy every year (that or Lizzie Borden's rotting corpse) for a what seemed like a decade. And my real-life Desi refuses to be a fake Desi, so Lucy may have to wait. But as it takes very little to convince me that a beer at the F&G is a great idea, I am game to buy anyway.

sis said...

what about a zombie version of elizabeth bennet? from the spoof on pride & prejudice
i don't know...i'm so not creative/into halloween...not much help.