Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playing House

I have a new apartment and it is all mine and I love it. I started moving on Monday and am completely done as of yesterday. My cat is slightly unsure of it all and has spent much time under the bed or weaving in-between my ankles, never not in physical contact as I walk around straightening things.

Here is a sneak-peak blurry picture I took yesterday. These are the apartment's first flowers. A dear friend brought them by and they just look so happy sitting there. Love them.

So, once I get a bit more organized, etc I will also get back to blogging more often again I hope. Give me a few more days to lure my cat out from under the bed, cook my first real meal, and dance around in my underpants a few more times, singing "I did it! I did it!"

Lastly, thank you for the support that many of you have provided, whether it be through comments on this here site, private emails, calls... It has made this transition immeasurably easier and more hopeful than it might have been.


Nova said...

Congratulations! You may now engage in lots of "secret single" activities, and only the kitty will judge.

Sadie said...

Looks great! I love your art books being prominently displayed. :) Congrats!