Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, You See I Was Trying To Do My Taxes When...

My printer ran out of black ink, I realized a specific form I needed was no longer in my possession currently, and my internal though process started resembling that of an ADD pre-pubescent boy. Time to take a break.

I am running low on energy, but as you all know, never low on pictures. You also know where this is going.

If you don't already see the winner in this picture look again. Now, imagine approaching life in his manner. Animal print! Thumbs up! One foot forward! That's right, chickadees, be a hand-full from the get-go!

Sexiest. Arrestee. Ever.

I am guilty of occasionally using vaguely internet-like lingo (acronyms such as BTW, OMG, FWIW come to mind) to retardedly comment on things of interest, but when it comes down to it, I fucking hate all the simpleton sounding phrases. And since I am all about harnessing the power of my random rageful leanings I use it for good. Or for snarking about people I hardly know as they walk by my window saying stupid shit and wearing frighteningly ill fitting clothes. I love being a bitch.

When I found this I nearly cried with joy. Stoleyourprozac has a lolcat, people!! (It should be noted that although this cat did take your prozac, it did so only because I carefully trained it to. So really it was me all along and my moniker is still appropriate.)

Hell, I don't know with this one. I thought about discussing hiding from the world, masks we wear, blah, blah, blah... really I just like this picture and hokey costume items.

I'm going to go create a Hall and Oates Pandora station now and pretend these picture heavy dealy-bobs count as a real post. HUZZAH.

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LMS said...

Worked for Bowie in '86
and Hall and Oates in "88.
What's yer beef??