Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun Design/Home Decor

In the excessive spare time I seem to have these days I have stumbled upon a new and appropriately time consuming obsession:  Design blogs and websites.  It is like post-modern yuppie-porn or something.  I read all kinds of blogs and sites about home improvement, where to get the best deals on furniture I still can't afford even after the discount/sale price is taken into consideration, ways to "green" your apartment and lots of DIY's stories.  it is way sexy-time for me. 

So here are a few of my own projects!  

White primer

AND.... Painted, Stenciled, Lacquered: 

That seriously took like 20 minutes to upload the pictures, so I may not get as many posted as I had hoped.  There has got to be an easier way to do this...

One last close-up of my hand painted stencils.  that was hard work, bitches!

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