Saturday, July 12, 2008

Design envy

In my last post I started to elaborate on my lustful ways when it comes to home related collections.  Here are a few things I feel as though my hedonistic ways simply cannot do without.  Assuming I had the space in our lovely apartment, a husband who would allow me to bring these items into said space, and the money to purchase them in the first place.  

starting out big:
This is from Squint Unlimited.
Super rad.  I need it.  

Also, I want a kitchen that looks like this:

Maybe some splashes of color and a bit more kitsch, but you get the idea.  Light, clean, beach bungalow feeling... just relaxes me to think about cooking in such a great setting.  

A hutch that is super excellent.  it was so cheap on craigslist, but I am broke and we have no room for it.  It hurt to let it go though.

and then something mostly unrelated.  I think I want my hair to be this color.  thoughts?  the picture is sooo pretty.

And yes, I realise that none of these things really go together in a practical design way, but when you know what you like I suggest running with it.  

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