Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pity, Party of One? Your Table is Ready.

Wow.  It has been a whole month and a half since I wrote anything here.  And this directly after stating I was going to aim for a once a week minimum.   I have a million and one catch-up items to post.  Cat stories, depression/sleep issues, food recipes, books, employment complaints, Sacramento joys, and all the rest.  


I am experiencing some serious withdrawal symptoms from Xanax,  which by the way is now my least favorite way to bring about sleep second only to concussive brain activity.  As I go through the chills, heart palpitations and general dysphoria I am also doing a bang-up job of avoiding functional actions and feeling terribly sorry for myself.  
So for now I am going to shut my pie-hole until I can come up with something that doesn't centrally address how hard it is to be me.  It may be a while again, but when I come back it will be with gongs a' banging and rhythm ribbons a' swirling.  Hoo-boy, I know you are excited!!

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