Monday, April 27, 2009


I am not particularly flummoxed per-se, but I have a few "huh.  that's interesting" moments today and really, I just don't get enough opportunities to use flummoxed in daily exchanges.  

1) I witnessed while in my car driving (which I do a lot of.  Like up to two hours a day sometimes) no less than 5 near accidents with risk-taking cyclists.  Equally guilty were the drivers of big SUV with way too many blind-spots and undeserved narcissistic road-ownership issues.  By the time I got home this evening I was sort of freaked out and looking in my mirrors even more than I normally do.  Which is a lot as I am a very conscientious defensive driver and remember from Driver's Ed that you should check your mirrors every 30 to 60 seconds to reappraise road conditions.  

2) My local NPR station is doing its fund-drive and I got so emotional about my desire to give contrasted against my iffy financial sense of security (we are on our way, but after a whole year of employment shakiness I kind of want to do some personal savings/debt clearing-up-ness) that I had to change the station.  Wow, the guilt was palpable

which brings us to 3) When I changed the radio station I opted for the UC Davis frequency and they were playing obscure B 52's songs.  Mood stabilizer!  Whew, that was close.  

And now this for no reason:  

Yarg!  I am the dancing, sword wielding dragon man!!!  FEAR MEEE!!!!  Or just dance the rumba with me.  Either is acceptable.  

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Gin said...

I'll take rumba, please - but you'll have to lead.

The past week has been weird, off, fuckedupness for me, too. DEAR UNIVERSE, PLEASE STOP.