Monday, August 24, 2009

Pretty Ones and Zeros

My anal retentive side loves organizing jellybeans by flavor. Like, I zen out on that shit. And then get a massive sugar rush because I ate half of them while organizing. Oops.

It's not so much that I have a crush on this vintage nerd as it is I respect the shit out of him. ACCORDION PLAYERS ARE AWESOME. It is a well known fact among hot redheads, but lesser known to the masses. It is my job to educate in the ways of accordion pride (and occasional lust. Fine, you got me.)

No idea. I just like the color.

I would wear every single pair of these ankle boots. In fact I think I may have a version of the top black pair. Vintage ads never fail.

These gals are my new best friends, they just haven't been informed yet. But they will know when I find them, dressed as a dancing peacock with a pumpkin in tow. Then all will be revealed and we shall frolic in fields of gold as scripture spake. Or Sting sang about. One of the two. I am too busy collecting feathers to check.

Editors note: I have no idea why some of my words are underlined and others aren't. Let's pretend there is a conspiracy theory that explains it all. When you have figured it out let me know in comments. Which means it will always remain a mystery because I have no one that comments. /echos into internet infinity-void.


Sadie said...

I have no idea how to make the underline go away. I do, however, love the pic of the peacock ladies. They're like Cinderella's evil stepsisters: inherently more fun/bitchy/crazy than Cinderella. Plus you know there's a bottle of tequila behind one of those pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Pity is a cheap, yet obviously effective, way of getting others to comment.
Pic 1: You should not be eating jellybeans as they are bad for your skin.
Pic 2: I so wish I knew a good accordian player.
Pic 3: In your case makeup detracts, rather than enhances your beauty.
Pic 4: You are just asking for foot problems, aren't you. Just look at those heels!
Pic 5: Stay away from these ladies! They are trouble and their giant mouths will betray you. You don't want them as your best friends. EYE am your new best friend and YOU do not know it, yet.

I stole your Prozac said...

Pity party for the WIN. Obvious or not, it worked and my fragile ego is momentarily restored.

@Sadie: Yeah, theater chicks are often batshit crazy, but in the fun, tequila-toting way.

@anonymous: Thanks for the extensive concern about my appearance. My skin/face/feet will be sure to take this into consideration? Yeah, most likely I will stick to what I like, but spout off all ya want.

an island year said...

i love you. electric, angry cat, peacock, state of the mind. sisser-out.