Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Is Not Really How I Feel

Angry Cats Are Awesome.

Monday, July 13, 2009

When You Put Your iTunes On Random and It Plays The Cure Anyway

I know I wanted to blog, but I wasn't sure what about. So I did my nails (and am now attempting to not get polish on my board with each keystroke), and put iTunes on random to see what it pulled up. That should inspire me, right?

It should be noted that I have been listening to The Cure pretty obsessively lately and purposefully did not opt for that particular heavy rotation band this evening. It then makes sense that when I opened up the iTunes application and hit play "Pictures of You" started streaming out of my weakling Mac speakers and I just had to wryly smiled to myself. Yes, of course coincidence allowed this to occur. Too bad I don't buy into the idea of reason or coincidence for moments like this because at the end of the day the science of statistics (variable frequency of item A, when item A occurs in conjunction with variable items B through Z, etc) is my bread and butter. I trust data, I trust numbers and I trust patterns.

The contradiction I struggle with after asserting that if all that IS (as in exists), is mathematics where is the meaning? (Does it depend on the what the meaning of is, is? thank you Bill Clinton for putting that question into the ether so effectively.) I have been working on creating personal relevancy to my actions a lot lately (as well as trying to balance the risk of new-agey bullshit with the hope for purpose) and would not mind feelings stronger about any of it.

So I mentioned "God-Girl" in my last post, who really did drive me up the fucking wall. She was nutso. But this is where I hedge, because through her extreme example I saw what I would never have again. That delicious, unwavering, core-strength faith in why things are. Yeah, maybe you can't explain it all, but you believe in its reason by the virtue of your overall faith in god. I used to have this. I used to (in a palatable manner I hoped) witness my faith to others. I was the youth homily-giver on numerous occasion at my various churches as I grew up. I spent hours on my knees praying and willing what I very much wanted to be true into existence. For a small period of time I actually thought I was called. As in called to serve and go to seminary. As in me as a pastor. STOP LAUGHING. Actually, keep laughing, because it is more bearable that way.

It hit me part way through my weird willingness to read Kierkegaard for my own personal growth when I was 16 years old that what I was most attracted to was the study of it, the questions I would get to ask and explore, the teaching of my interpretation to others. And the talking. Having a captive and willing audience appealed to me much in the way that I adored acting and singing. Power and the esteem of others are heady fucking drugs. And I was good at it. I have the gift of gab and I would have used it not for faith (though I am sure I would have convinced myself of it much of the time), but for glory, and that would be a chimera if ever there was one.
So now I am on the other side of things. Doubting, quick to explain away based on the here and now, math, frustrated that I can't get that 'belief in more' feeling back. But then my favorite song by The Cure plays and it has meaning damn-it. Not as in, God Willed This Song To Play or some batshit crazy reasoning like that, but that I love that song and it resonates with me and perhaps that is all the meaning I should be after. If I have given it meaning through experience, then I need not look for more.

Jeezy-chreezy, fresh and breezy, this has been some heavy shit. I think a post about not wearing pants or --HOLY SHIT, now iTunes is throwing down with Jeff Buckley. OKAY YOU WIN UNIVERSE. I am just a woman (more on the girl/woman identification issue soon) trying to relax at the end of a long day, not some cosmic seer or some damn shit.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's De-clutter this MutherFucker

(WELL IT ALMOST RHYMES and I don't have time for your hoitey-toitey grammer rules anyhoo.)

There are times when I clean house purely as a procrastination method. I will pay the bills and write those thank you letters today! .... Right after I scour the bathtub and huff the mixing chemical fumes, followed by changing the sheets and vacuuming the furniture. Then I can really FOCUS on those letters. Yeah....

Today, yes there are all the loose ends, the week is almost starting and shit-I-have-15-things-I-need-done-by-8p.m.-tonight. BUTT, by which I mean but, I am really trying to keep a positive outlook on things and it is very hard to get my ass aligned with the universe when there is fucking cat spit-up on my floor.

And the truth is I despise cleaning. I pawn it off on anyone else I can. Hell, I even paid a pretty penny for a young, energetic, sanitizing goddess to come in a month ago and go to town on my place. And it changed my life (on a stack of Bibles). I was able to relax when I came home from work, not immediately going into a litany of cleaning jobs to foist onto AM the moment my eyes rested on the crumbs on the chair or the cat hair wafting in the summer evening breeze by the open window. That appears to have a dirty hand-print on the sill -I SWEAR TO GOD I HAVE MAIMED FOR LESS PEOPLE.

Where was I? Oh right, becoming one with the cosmos. The truth is for all my attitude and tone I really am feeling motivation most days to make something meaningful out of my time. Put myself out there more, tell people that they are important to me, talk to the cashier at Safeway about her niece and nephew, and staying on top of the dust quotient at home makes those overtures that much easier to come by.

Not to say that I didn't snark about the guy who's ample front and backside were spilling forth from all his articles of clothing as he bought bacon. I still live in an elitist bubble most of the time, entry into which requires various hazing procedures, etc. And certainly not to say that I don't heave a great big sigh, as dramatic and herculean as they come about the toils of life, the blue days, the cobwebs so high up the wall we can't reach them. Those suckers can really get a girl contemplating the gloomier elements of conscious living.

Further, I have to physically restrain myself from accosting anyone who walks around with the phrase "turn that frown upside down" or statistics about the number of muscle it takes to "make those sad faces." I wonder how many muscles it takes me to bitch slap the positive out of you? Yeah, so I am kinda on shaky ground in regards to taking "character flaws" and turning them into "attributes." Which is a conversation I have had twice in the last two days.

Just as long as I don't become one of THOSE people. I remember this gal from college who's sunny disposition knew no bounds. She had a smile on her face at all times and was quick to attribute anything nice or pleasant to the grandeur of God. She, on numerous occasion came up to me and stated "Aren't you just so thankful for today! God really is an awesome God." Then she would turn on her Keds clad feet and bounce away with the smile that only someone on the good shit should have. We called her God-Girl and it was not in a complimentary way. She was straight-up possessed.

That ain't gonna happen in my world anytime soon. What I am actively working on is setting goals and the stage markers to know where I am in relation to those goals. I had focused for so long on just getting employed, just staying healthy for a few months, just scraping by that I forgot all about drive and motivation and.... Well, let's face it, thinking about a future in a realistic way at all wasn't even on the table 6 months ago. Now it is and I am enjoying it.

Of course first I really must finish the dishes before I start planning my slow, but determined accent to the toppermost of the poppermost.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I have a fake family. It is new and strange and no else I have met has something quite like it. I almost worry that by mentioning I risk it. It goes like this: there are people that you meet in life that you just get immediately. Neither party can explain it and to the outside world it probably looks fucking weird. Really? You get along? You feel comfortable around this person? We watch cartoons and eat homemade brownies together. Yes. YES.
And it is brand new to me, this layered, lovely thing. How does one get welcomed in to an already existing entity like a family unit? The answer is I don't know. What I do know is that I have found a very sweet experience. We get together and do vaguely domestic things. We play house in a way. But this is no regular house, nor would I want it to be.

I am coming closer and closer to understanding that my wants and expectations of life don't line up very well with the larger populations outlined playbook. I don't buy into many of the lines drawn about this or that. I don't want kids, even though I adore them and think at times I would be a pretty bitchin' mom. End of the day, I don't want to be, but that doesn't mean I don't possess that maternal pulse. I use some of it in the work I do each day which is a very gratifying thing. So in this new opportunity I mostly just am, but I care for this little, crazy family. Fuck, I adore them. It triggers this slow, soft part of me. The part that listens, doesn't need to talk incessantly. The part that watches carefully, that takes it in and simplifies when possible.

AM taught me a phrase that I hold very dear. "Family is as family does." I consider myself lucky in that I have some blood relatives that are amazing, connected and dear. I also have the gift of individuals I have met along the way that exceed the bounds of acquaintance or best bud. They cross over into the realm of humans that I love outright, no questions asked, will do whatever is needed. And they are the ones that last.

Is my little faux-family part of that circle? I wouldn't say that yet, but at the same time I have abiding feelings of hope, trust and a presentness that you just don't come across that often. So here's to the unaligned ones, the ones we cherish, the ones that belong in a way all their own. These are my people and I raise a glass of milk (to go with the brownies) to them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I think I am in love

Aw, hell. I know it. Just check out this art. And then check out his website. It is sweetass.

this guy is amazing.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Composition Books

As per usual I have taken a leisurely attitude toward posting regularly. I am not too worried about it nowadays and figure writing happens, just like shit, so no major worries on when. It comes out in the end (ba-dum-BUM!).
Hell, the only real reason I am getting my prose-based ducks all lined up is because a good friend reminded me what fun blogging can be again. And I ain't knocking all the talented people who I have on my blogroll and beyond that post almost everyday, but let's face facts: I don't know you. I know the internet you and that is all there is. It is different to have a physical being you love to get drinks with and talk till all hours, etc. that is also a blogger. You can check her out here: Happy Formula

It is not to say that I haven't been writing copious amounts of drivel like my more hefty posting months imply I am capable of. I just haven't been writing it down. It is a very weird habit I have of being out somewhere and composing a full, edited post in my mind (even with breaks for the pictures I think I would want) and then never revisiting it again. I go to the extreme of picturing the blogspot layout preview page as I "type." In my imagination. Yeah...

And then there is the stuff that I have written down on paper and it sure as shit isn't getting posted here. Which may beg the question "really? you have been holding back about stuff? Cuz I am pretty sure you have emotionally vomited all over this sucker the whole way through." I hear you, but yes there is plenty that gets edited out. Maybe one day it will find its way, but much of it need time. Distance, perspective and all that thoughtful shit.

But I want to keep this interesting so I am going to scan some pages from my old composition books from college. They are self-indulgent ramblings, so not far off from everything else I have written before and since.

Here is one cover in all its beauty:

And here is a page. Fucking upside down. Hey, fuck you scanner. When I saved the pic and even adjusted the Gamma and Saturation and Sepia I apparently could not figure out how to rotate it and keep it that way. Suck a nut, scanner.

Translated is reads:
words we like & what they mean

hedonistic: pleasure seeking
analogous; similar in certain respects
indemnify: compensate
sophistry: deceptive, false arguments
immutable: unchangeable
chimera: fantasy

I subscribed to the royal "We" even back then. Good to know. Next:

And translated it reads:

there's a silk shirt i know
that lures me close, but i am
not sure why
i sit and watch and listen a bit
more absorbing and
w/ it all comes what!?
i need a good rattle
i need a good shake
i need you to come over
and breath me awake

what is it that is not filled in
there is a color that is
some caress i crave that i
cannot have
because laws and mores
and folkways forbid
and the song i love he is starting
to play.
as though he knows my quiet
smile was telling him so

What makes me laugh the most (out of the numerous embarrassingly available options presented) is my favorite part is the bit that rhymes and bounces along all cadence-conscious.

Oh, that and I apparently did not believe in punctuation, had crushes on men in silk shirts (really? I am blushing right now), and was a horndog back then too who liked to use her psychology and sociology terms in tangential ramblings. Of course in the end I like that part of me a smidge. She wasn't so bad, though the writing leaves much to be desired. I can look back at all the pages and know that as plodding, clumsy and word drunk I may have been, I meant it all, word by word.

Just as I clearly meant everything implied in this picture from those same days: