Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Piffle Post

For no real reason at all other than my cat is curled up on my desk with me after playing fetch for 15 minutes, the weather is nice, my family and friends are awesome, I love love, and the plant I thought I had killed is sprouting new growth all over the damn place I give you happy random pictures:
You may be penned in a dank soviet era-looking zoo, but on the plus side you do have a cello soloist that plays Bach and Vivaldi every Thursday and Sunday. (I found this picture with absolutely no explanation so I am just going to go with my story.)

FINALLY. And I will take 500 stickers for my trapper-keeper, walls and body (don't ask), thank you.
Oh heavens, rainbows are wonderful. And Judy Garland knew very well the wish to find a place of comfort and grace when she sang this song. But we all do at times, I suppose. And this is such a pretty poster from Music Philosophy. Many more song lyrics to look at and order if you like.
Baby duck butt in shimmery water should be self-explanatory.

Istoleyourprozac hopes you are feeling like sticking your tuckus in the air and head under water this weekend. I know that is my plan.

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