Monday, October 20, 2008

The Essential Piffle

It has been much too long between postings and for that I am sorry.  As similar to the time before, I have an overabundance of items/opinions/pictures/questions to present.  It is going to run the gamete.  

1.  High Art v Low Art:  I am a bit of a snob when it comes to the realm of the aesthetic.  I have used words like "derivative" and "insipid" about the things I don't like and "expansive" and "primal" as compliments.  I came across the question of what qualifies as High Art and what as Low Art when I saw the following pictures:

GASP! "delicate, joyful, subtle"

And this one!

"Bold, whimsical, a saucy take on a oft seen staunch print"
I say, High Art.  Done before, to be sure, but approached with a lightness of spirit and the exacting touch of reverence to the well respected wall prints.  Bravo.

And then we come to this:
Kendra Wilkenson as a painted lady for a playboy party.  Swaroski crystals and a vapid stare.  
And we simply cannot overlook the bold political statement these triplets are making in this year that each vote will matter.  

So, is there a line about naked body painting?  I've done it (in a private manner.  Very memorable sheets, even more memorable shower.  Paint can get up into some PLACES.  Too much, huh?)  When is it artsy-fartsy, when is it lurid, when is it all in good fun (i.e. naked bikers at the solstice festival)?  I don't know.  I just know I display my patriotism and my goodies in a much different manner.

2. The following picture I simply adore.  Yes, it places all it bets on me being a sentimental, forever romantic who has watched "love actually" well over 10 times.  Ding, ding, ding!!! we Have a winer!  Just look and try not to say a mental "aww"  Nothing like infatuation to get a heart a pounding.
3.  Starting Therapy again!  Don't worry I am not going to spill all my details here, but I did want to give myself a pat on the back in a semi-public way.  This blog was initially going to follow my experience from diagnosis to meds, to therapy and life-changes.  I of course got distracted by pretty pictures and other blogs that address the issues of mental health with greater finesse, research based opinions and dedication to those sharing the experience with them.  I prefer the flighty route that stops off in Munich for a couple of beers before taversing into Venice, dabbling in Freudian theory splitting off with Jung for a quick trip east to consider the true ramifications of the collective unconscious and settling back into my shrink's well appointed office to analyze just why I am so Pop-Eye like (I yam watta I yam).  For a moment of seriousness, I will be working through some very heavy stuff and the way I look at it is if I can heal over some things and share that experience with some who are in the midst of a similar struggle than I know no other greatness I can achieve.  So to start:  Family stuff?  Check!  History of cutting? Check!  Rape? Check!  
That should keep us busy for a few years, I figure.  Good thing my coverage allows me as many visits to see my shrink as I want in a calendar year.  That Bi-Polar diagnosis is good for something!

4.  I am painting again.  If I like what I do I will post shoddily taken photos of them here.  

5.  AM and I are going to form a band.  Between the two of us we can come up with million song titles and band names, but I want your input.   The basic theme is all genres all the time.  especially the campy ones and ones we can make fun of.  I want a tuba as our baseline.  My suggestion to be called "the Pretend-Doors" and only sing the Pretenders and the Doors songs hit the creative wall as we what to branch all over the place.  I still want to pursue that project, but at a later date.  I swear if someone steal this idea from me I will find them, cut open their chest cavity, break open their ribcage with my bare hands, reach in and box their lungs until they suffocate, drowning in their own blood.  I ain't playin!11!! 

Anyway.  Good Ideas?  Please share.  As in comment.  

6. The Yellow Submarine
Does too much need to be said?  I think not.  It is in the top 5.  I don't own it and I wonder how this atrocity has gone on without recourse for so long...  

7.  We end with two things that have no real bearing on anything at all.  I just like them and find myself surprise.  I never really got into the owl upswing in the last kitschy brew-ha-ha.  But this little blue guy settled his feathers ever-so fussily and said absolutely nothing.  I liked him immediately.  I had the feeling if I invited him over to tea he would never leave, never talk and just follow me around the house from room to room.  I would share my sandwiches with him and one day he would alight to my shoulder and let out the softest of cooing.  

Also these bar stools:  they are delightful and I need a lot of delightful in my life right now.

More tomorrow.  maybe even an over-arching theme will be present!  I know you are excited!!

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