Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Autumnal Shade of Change

Sacramento had its first rain last Friday.  When I saw a real, big, splash-worthy raindrop I literally gasped (sounded like "EepWoop!) and the cats looked at me weird.  The trees are still mostly green and today we are back up to 86 degrees, but for a day or two, I was blissfully pulling out my sweaters and thinking about the boots I will have to buy this year to replace my falling apart ones from last year.  Oh darn.  I am thinking something along these lines:

and my favorite:

The big, daunting, I-keep-thinking-about-it-but-not-actually-doing-anything-yet project is the cleaning overhaul our place needs.  We live in a world of clutter and I cannot stand it much longer.  I want things to have places to be organized and surfaces that are not spilling over with unopened mail (eh-hem, AM!!), beauty products haphazardly strewn about (okay, that is all me) and just random shit that seems to appear from nowhere. 

I re-arranged the furniture in the bedrooms not too long ago and so the potential to make them look great is there, but it requires upkeep and neither AM or I are very good at that.  I believe we can do it though.  I am determined.  

The downstairs remains the most important area to address.  I am tired of our sad looking furniture, faded and cat-scratched beyond repair.  The dingy rugs and carpet that suck the life-force out of rooms doesn't help either.  SO!  I am declaring WAR on the house and am going to make it cozy and clean and organized for the next season.  Starting today.  

Today I am going to attack the book shelves.  Reorganize, dust and straighten.  

Crap, this is a boring post.  
Here, look at something funny:

And Something Pretty:

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