Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The JOB OF MY DREAMS Is Not Invited To My Super Awesome Party Of Rad

That'll teach it. You don't pass me by without consequences!!

Umm, unless it isn't clear (or you haven't already heard from me on Facebook/by phone) I didn't get the job. I will not be the director of anything besides my own misery and spite, let alone communications and special projects. Which, when you think about it a Directorship of Spite sounds pretty bad-ass, however it mostly involves me struggling to get up in the morning and not drink gin straight from the bottle while hurling mental insults at the sun and the people on the street walking to THEIR JOBS, and all around being a crazy bitch. I may be good at it, but the benefits are shit.
Note: I am not waking up and drinking so just relax. I did enough of that in college to last a lifetime.

Also, there is no super awesome party of rad planned so don't get your panties in a bunch when you don't get an invite with ladybugs and flowers printed on it. It was just to make the JOB OF MY DREAMS jealous.

And the answer is yes to both of your questions; I have now really anthropomorphized a job that I didn't get and it will always be referred to in all-caps.

Welp, I think that is the extent of this blurb. It's 4pm and I need a shower before I go sing some acoustic songs this evening including this gem:

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Anonymous said...

Obviously it's their loss.