Friday, September 26, 2008

Insta-Pundit (just add tiresome prez debate)

In the minutes leading up to the debate I got butterflies, the living room seemed to shrink and my laptop screen glowed with the colors of the flag.  Bang a gong, it is on!!!!  I lOVe AMeRICA!!1!eleventy!!!

And let me tell you, Barack was looking good.  He seemed a little nervous at first, but he found his flow... and then lost it.  Found it again and stayed on point most of the way through.  He connected with the viewer, made eloquent points as well as simple statements of position.  

Hmm, so everything should be looking up for the Dems right?  I am terrified it may not be the case.  Did McCain's bulldog (minus the lipstick?  wait, huh?) tactics, refusal to look at or direct comments to Obama come across as strong?  McCain's creepy grins never fail to give me the heebie-jeebies, but do American's still want a down-home, jolly neighbor or have we figured out facades are just that.  False fronts. Full-disclosure: when Obama playfully smiled in surprise at the outright inaccuracies John let loose, I got a little fluttery.  I guess I am not that much different than any other person.  If you have a good set of choppers, an effusive style and foreign policy that approaches issues on a regional level rather than state-by-state you will get me going.  

Shit, I am no good at this pundit crap.  I just really want Obama to win.  So badly.  I am increasingly scared that McCain will edge out with his one or two lines and increased press for those.  

Also, I really dislike Cindy McCain.  The vibe I get is straight up unpleasant.  I would not trust her.  I don't trust her husband and I cannot bear the idea of loosing more time and international reputation to shoddy leadership.  

I am all fired up about America, but the debate was lack luster.  Jim Lehrer let them avoid direct answers, get off-point and nit-pick piddling details while never addressing HUGE international issues.  Like AIDS/HIV, and, you know, the southern hemisphere.  

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