Monday, September 29, 2008

Customer Service

On a quick, positive note:
 I spent some time today catching up on necessary, but bothersome phone calls.  One such call was to a health provider to get the names and contact info for a referral.  I dread these calls. Invariably, it takes 15 minutes to get a human on the line, they breathe heavily into their headset and creep me out and are completely disinterested in actually serving the customer. And why should they be any different.  The people they deal with are demanding, impatient and the pay cannot be that great.  Recorded for quality control my ass.  
However, the gal that answered (in less than 5 minutes!) was cheerful, sweet and truly helpful. It was a rare treat and I am considering calling back just to chat with her about celebrity gossip and share recipes.  Okay, so that would be creepy, but maybe to speak to the manager and let them know they have a gem on their hands.   

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