Monday, September 8, 2008

Muscle Fasciculation

Which is the fancy medical term for irritating, repeated, useless muscle twitches.  Which is what my left lower eyelid has been doing for two days straight.  

A little googling and it confirms that it is happening for no real reason other than stress or anxiety in my life.  Here's my question:  when is any person, anywhere not experiencing some kind of unpleasant stress?  Do you ever have a day that is anxiety free?  If the answer is yes, I am no longer your friend.  I am sorry, but we can't relate and I will feel guilty about my constant complaining and that will cause me more stress and eye spasms.  Bad all around.

And, if you were wondering, no, wine is not a curative in this situation.  I tried, but to no avail.  

I think I am going to start a trend and make nervous tics the new must have fall accessory.  Who's with me?!

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