Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phantom Niece

Since I just talked about excluding details regarding family it only makes sense that I word-vomit about my adorable, defenseless niece in the context of a family gathering. And for good measure my nephew too. I didn't blog when he was an infant/toddler so I have to make up for lost time.

All glory and praise be to the young relatives!! Not kidding, I experience what I imagine is close to bliss in the moments I get with those two. We play, we babble, we cuddle and I almost burst with love. I recently was in WA for a wedding and niece's birthday #1. I stole away with her and my nephew as much as the rest of my family would allow and good times were had. I carried her around on my hip or cradled her in my lap and read the newly minted five year old his favorite (of the day) book.

Leaving my sister and BIL's house was not pleasant as it meant the people I care for the most but see the least were again in my past. And I won't lie, I wanted more time to explore the world with the kiddos by my side. Catch more tumbling bodies, smell more downy heads, tickles more pudgy feet. I sat very still in the back seat of the car and watched the scenery, willing myself to commit all the words, noises, looks, games to memory. Suddenly I became aware of one of the greatest sensory experiences a person can have. The phantom weight of a child resting on you. Just as roller-coasters leave us whirly feeling hours later so can the steady weight of a child, then removed, linger. Is it some short-term muscle memory? Is my body on the fritz? I don't understand the physiology of it, nor do I care to. I just know that as the car ride continued to the ferry dock I barely moved so as not to disturb the impression left by my sweet redheaded hobit girl.

"and the greatest of these things is love." Can't argue with you on that one Jesus.


Gin said...

Beautiful and so true.

My niece and nephew spent the day here with us, and just left - the house is sadly still and quiet, and I want to leave their cups of Kool-aid on the counter so I can pretend they are just outside.

woodchuck said...

Thanks for the beautiful post. It makes my heart melt! I'm so glad you got to meet and hang with our little hobbit! Btw, she just took her first steps today!!