Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When I Have My Own Band (Again)

I just came up with my hitherto nonexistent band's name! The Vacillators. How Fucking Bad-Ass! It came to me in a burst of early morning homemaking mocha genius. Okay, honestly I was sipping a mocha-like drink and in the middle of calling a Med Clinic to see if I could pick up my TB test result from two months ago to prove to my new employer that I am not sick with a highly contagious, gross me out disease when it just appeared before me. This apparition of awesome flitted around briefly before I got my mental butterfly catcher net out and brought that sucker in. Now gassed and pinned down for inspection the name is really showing its potential. I am going to go google search to make sure it isn't already taken and my excitement isn't for naught.

SWEET! I am golden. Now I shall copyright, stake my claim, and otherwise completely pwn this name.

If it isn't obvious why this title to my notational future is so effing candy-sweet then you are not so bright. I feel for you and will thus explain. The definition:

vac·il·late (vs-lt)

intr.v. vac·il·lat·ed, vac·il·lat·ing, vac·il·lates
1. To sway from one side to the other; oscillate.
2. To swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another. See Synonyms at hesitate.
[Latin vacillre, vacillt-, to waver.]
vacil·lating·ly adv.
vacil·lation n.
vacil·lator n.

The way I see it is this allows my imaginary band to cash in on multiple aspects of the term. Number 1 is of course the implied changing of course that would frequently occur. If a producer of sounds vacillates it would indicate the styles of songs are likely to shift on a intermittent basis and the freedom to explore new arenas of noise is implicate. No pigeon-holing here. Number 2 is that the definition of vacillate has a rhythmic quality to it. The swaying, movement oriented vibe is good all around. Number 3 is it is fun to say: The Vacillators. Seriously, try it out-loud and tell me it doesn't feel good in a sexy, slippery way.

Look for us on iTunes in the very far, distant, maybe never future.

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