Sunday, May 31, 2009

Andy Williams Is A Hot Bitch

I am sitting on the couch having finished a report for work and am now swinging with an Andy Williams LP.  I don't care how schmaltzy his work is considered to be by, well pretty much everyone, I feel rather strongly that Andy is in the Hot Bitch category.  Think about it, if everyone has rightly asserted he is cheesy, then he knows that too and chances are when he was at is peak he was high on pills, gin and kept the company of salty ladies like myself.  He and I would have painted the town red, or at the very least the hotel room.  
Here is a picture from a website that I cannot rave about enough:

Ricky slicked back his hair one more time. Yes. He was ready for tonight, and damn, he looked good.

Here is a blurb from the creator to give you an idea of the concept behind it: "Hi.
I’m Dan, and I’m going to take a photo with a LEGO guy every day for an entire year. I love LEGOs, and I love photography – so it only seemed natural to mix them."

There are lots of these 365 day photo projects out there and this one is done incredibly well. He is almost done, so I am glad I am catching it before it is complete.  Something about knowing about a sweet-ass project during the process makes my ego shimmer that much more.   

Lastly, I have heard rumors that there is various footage of me singing from last weekend and you had better believe I will be posting the shit out of that as soon as I get my hands on it. Mostly because my hair was banging all weekend and these rare occasions need to be documented and used as propaganda.  

P.S.  Isn't that guitar player dreamy?  SWOON.  

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