Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things Made of Stuff. Wrought From Other Stuff/Things.

Today is national articulation day, if you can't already tell. Also, here is a bunch of random shit that I thought about as I wrote it. TA-DAH.

1. I am yet again battling a swollen gland/throat affliction and am all, um, 2010 has been 2/3rds sickness already. Great. Which is sort of unfair to 2010 as there have only been 3 days so far, but I thought I had an agreement (with who, I am not sure) about strange viruses decreasing in frequency and severity in this coming year. I should probably be happy that my joints are not attacking themselves and AM is not having to help me get dressed and I am not breaking down into tears every time I try to walk up and down the stairs because it hurts and WON'T THE DOCTOR PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS, I AM PRETTY SURE THAT IS YOUR JOB, as was the case last year near this time. That was hell. Okay, perspective.

2. The first words out of my mouth this morning were "what on God's green earth?" My alarm sounded at 5:30 in the morning and as I reached to turn it off that is what I blurted out. (What could have possibly possessed me to set my alarm for 5:30a.m. on a Sunday? I have absolutely no idea.) It is rather quaint sounding of me to use that phrase as normally I would have opted for slightly more vulgar terms. Definitely would have thrown a "fuck" in there, bare minimum. I think all the Prairie Home Companion that has been playing in my home is having a vaguely Lutheran-y restraint/aw-shucks effect on my language.

3. I keep having brief pockets of brain twitchy, emo-ness where I just mentally flop about like a fish out of water who is rapidly giving up the fight to find the river again. There is no pattern to it, so I haven't figured out how to predict its appearance. Suddenly I am disconnected and floating above everything with questions, questions, questions. Just bonk me on the head already life, and let's move on to frying me up with lemons and capers or some tasty campfire/cook-with-beer recipe. (Hmm, I took that metaphor too far and now it makes no sense, but I am hungry for fish now. Which if I follow this to its logical conclusion sort of means I want to eat my own brain/emotive state. BRAINS!!!! Self Cannibalizing Zombie on the loose!! Which I suppose I don't have to warn you about, because I am only eating myself. Scary warning rescinded.)

4. (That was a fun rabbit hole, no? I think so.)

5. On New Years Eve I went on a date with myself (gotta woo that brain before you nosh on it. [I just can't let it go, can I?]) with a book about George S. Patton and a couple beers at The Fox & Goose Pubic House. 20-30 minutes before midnight, I was invited repeatedly to various tables after many pitchers of beer were consumed by those table's patrons and many strange looks were thrown my way. You could just see the "WTF" thought bubbles above their heads as the evening wore on. After politely declining numerous invites, I said "oh hell, why not?" to the table that seemed to be having the most enjoyable time talking intensely, smiling, laughing and guzzling beer. In the brief time I was hanging out with them I was able to get three awesome book recommendations, people committed to coming out to MY BAND'S FIRST SHOW, a midnight (and chaste) kiss from a stranger, and heady conversation about supporting local arts and music and the ultimate purpose of art. It was fifteen kinds of fun and silly as well as remarkably information dense and passionate.

6. The only resolutions I have made are to use the the word "tits" as a confirmation of coolness phrase (e.g. If a friend tells me about a great meal he had, I can happily reply "tits!" so as to convey I am glad for him and think it is rad that he enjoyed said meal so much) and to find a reason to use the word "fisticuffs" more often. I am all about vocabulary enhancement for the new year.

7. Why is there no sex allowed in the champagne room? If ever there was a room for sex, I would think the champagne room would be it, or at least next door to it, so you could wobble your happy little butt over and get it on. Someone should look into this. But not me.

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