Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My office overlooks trees and underlooks the sky

I finally have my home office set up the way I want it and sitting at my small desk which is situated in front of a large open window feels pretty damn good.  Today the breeze is blowing in and the kittehs are sitting on the sill watching the birds and the weird dude that swims in the pool with his swim trunks halfway down his ass.  

I was very productive today and managed to get all the things on my "to-do" list done by 1pm.  This never happens.  So of course I added a few more items to the list and am predictably procrastinating now.  Don't want to much of a good thing, right?

Here are some pictures of my file cabinet that I decoupaged the shit out of.  Goddamn, I'm good.

Top Drawer
Bottom Drawer
Right Side (with desk leg in the way...whatevs)
Left Side
I am particularly fond of the poppies (they will make you sleep) and the Yellow Submarine references.  Can you find them all?  shit that sounded like some dumbass kids book or interactive video with pauses built it.  Fuck you Dora the Explorer.  Oh and p.s. your title doesn't technically rhyme, so what are you really teaching kids?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

I had no idea there is so much pent up animosity towards a little latina cartoon in me.  #92857362 item to bring up to my shrink....

Let's lighted the mood, shall we?  this picture frame can be found here at Second Line Frames etsy shop.  It is made from salvage wood from Katrina damaged houses and buildings.  I think between the aesthetic quality and back story it may be the prettiest picture frame ever.  
And lastly a bit of an self-educational piece.  I have been watching a series developed by Ted Turner (don't hate) about the Cold War.  It is a 24 part piece with each episode about 45 minutes long and it is fascinating!  Here is the link to the first episode.  They are all hosted on google video, but who knows how long.  It has really got me thinking about our past presidents in a much different way as well as the various advisors and state department higher-ups.  In particular I began to ponder what things would have been like if Condoleezza Rice had been the Secretary of State (or a similar post) when Carter was president.  I feel that Condi is so limited in her efforts to facilitate peace talk between Israel and well... everyone else because of our current (and soon to be over!!!) administration.  She is so bright and is a true patriot as well as a pragmatist.  Certainly I don't agree on all points with her even if she were free of the burden of the "Bush agenda," but I like to imagine the greater success she could have had in the last 8 years in promoting peace accords without the yoke of continued conservative financial backing of Israel.  It truly limits what we are able to say and do in order to establish a meaningful level of amity in the region.  I am far from anti-Israel, but America's constant shipment of arms (we gave then the technology and materials for a nuclear bomb) and huge financial involvement (congress passes legislation to send millions every year) restricts our appearance of sincerity when in talks with neighboring nations.  

Okay, end political rant.

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