Saturday, August 16, 2008

The weepies

1.  Just ate some leftovers strait from my non-stick fancy (yeah, in 1994) teflon pan.  I ate it with a metal fork and contemplated just how much teflon bits I was scraping up and swallowing into my already compromised system.  Whatever, the leftovers were yummier than the when I made them.  

2.  What I am wearing right now.  I am not joking:

Look, you know its hot, so don't hate.  Sometimes when you are doing laundry and your husband is miles away and you feel like shit, short-shorts, a grey wife-beater, and your favorite blue scarf is the way to go.  you don't ask questions, you just listen to your gut and say "Gut, that sounds eccentric and stylish.  I think I will do it.  Thanks!"  

Then you maniacally clean your kitchen floor, move a bookshelf from downstairs to upstairs, make homemade ice tea, take the covers off couch seats for spot cleaning and washing, rearrange furniture and hope it will keep this feeling you been trying to shake all day at bay.  

which brings us to point 3.

3.  I have been almost uncontrollably weepy the last two days.  It hits mostly in the evening hours and I just start quietly hiccuping and sniffling in the middle of normal things.  Last night AM and I were watching the special feature of "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and I suddenly found myself in his lap with tears silently running down my nose on to his lightwash jeans.  Later as I was getting ready for bed AM found me in the bathroom hunkered over the sink, water running for no clear reason (sorry earth), with my head in my hands and my shoulders unevenly jerking as I cried.  

Today, the same.  I took care of some online banking stuff and then promptly began to leak tears.  And yes, I feel sad, but the things is: I have no idea what these tears are about!?!  Which leads me to believe it is hormonal or chemical or some dumb shit, but I really don't know.  
I do know that I don't look a thing like Miss Paltrow here, but we will pretend because otherwise I might engage in a crying jag all because of you!

4.  My laundry is done and I have some wine to drink.  here is a parting gift that I found here



Brittany said...

Ugh, I fond myself incredibly weepy these days also...I hate that we have to watch Disney all day, so touching...I could tear up just thinking about it.

Sadie said...

Between the ASPCA commercial with "Angel" or Kushie dancing with her mom to "Wind Beneath My Wings" at her wedding, I got you beat in tears. Trust me.