Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And so the barrage of unfounded statements begins!

Let's jump right into it.  I have come across blogs I respect, adore, and check on obsessively.  I also have encountered, what to me is sub-par crapola in the guise of a blog.  I am hoping to create something that makes people feel strongly (perhaps you wretch with disgust or laugh with non-containable mirth, either is cool with me) and think and wonder about the weirdo that spends her 3 am hour tippity-typing away.  Whether it is love at first type or a nose in the air, I am pretty sure I don't mind either way.  The simple interaction of material presented and individual response is all I am looking for.  There are plenty of things I want to discuss through this blog and here is my start.  Tally-Ho!!

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