Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lower Frequency Functioning

A couple of things.

1.  You know how I posted about moderation and the positive direction of my life having made a conscious decision to lessen my alcohol intake?  Yeah, well just incase I was getting to high and mighty about my general, directional, universal position... Friday night started with a lovely dinner out with the Husband (referred to AM from now on fyi) and some friends.  A light aromatic glass of italian wine accompanied the best ravioli EVAR and pleasant, silly
 conversation filled the gaps between bites.  The weather was warm, but a breeze was picking up and AM agreed that we would call it an early night after he sat in with a band at the Torch Club.  Off to good start.  Then we got rowdy and somehow came to the oh-so-wise decision to close the bar down (i.e. stumbling into the cab at 2:30?), get more wine, and host a Pot Limit Omaha showdown between AM and a dear friend in our dining room until the wee hours.  I played dealer and chatterbox extraordinaire.  Much fun was had and I thought, well I am drinky as hell, but I am really enjoying this!  Maybe I have been a bit prudish (hey, I was well lubricated, so these thought seems rational at the time) about my stance on drinking.

And then.  I got predictably emo (briefly, but it always happens.  it is completely ridiculous) and passed out on the couch after trying to sleep upstairs.  the heat was oppressive and the hang over was already starting.  I was in for a doosey that I am recovering from a solid 24 hours later.  Pat on the back, Anna.  Well done, you total douchebag. (can woman be DB's? discuss)

The hangover included the usuals: headache, extreme exhaustion, random sweating sessions and that slight feeling of constant vertigo.  And on top of that I got: heart palpitations, panic attacks, nightmares when I slept and my personal favorite, late onset nausea.  It hits about 12-14 hours into the day, just as you think you are out of the woods.  I kept food down miraculously and have been feeling like a dog with it tail between its legs, pedestal knocked down, bubble burst since (and any other applicable cliched phraseology to imply that I am duly humbled).

It is not the end of the world, though it felt like it at times yesterday.  However, I am pissed about getting pissed.  All this functioning like a real adult is mother-fucking hard.  One slip-up and I am reminded that lessons need to be learned.  Perhaps there is some karmic implications?  It solidifies that events may have more meaning than I attribute them and really how the hell am I supposed to tell the difference anyway!?  Grrrr.  Attempting to define my idea of life and belief or lack there of in "more" while hungover is not advised, but I can't help it.  If only there was a pause button for the mind.

2.  I had something really good for #2 and now that I have ranted about #1 I can't remember it.  Suck!  Let's just pretend that I wrote something lighthearted and funny.  Here is a FUN LINK.  I will take credit for any enjoyment procured from it.  okay, that's a lie.  A friend told me about it.   

3.  Kiki Dee:  she may developing a new magical dreadlock just in time for summer!  Good omen?  I think so!  She also pooped out a piece of plastic today.  It was completely gross.  I also don't know how she managed to eat the plastic wrapper... the applied physics in this scenario has me baffled.  


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