Monday, June 30, 2008

Phenobarbitol and Malox

Please note the following happened two days ago and I am just now able to finish what I started.  

Kiki Dee had a seizure today and I have been drinking malox straight from the bottle.  Not completely related issues but the Kitten Crisis most assuredly added to the recent gastrointestinal flare up.  Just incase I am not stressed enough about still being unemployed, clinically diagnosable as a few nut-job terms, and my keeping of the most ridiculous sleeping hours I now get to add irrational fears about the ones I love dying, or drifting slowly that direction through some degenerative nerve disorder.  

I know I get a little melodramatic about these things.  I have a lot of time to think ladies and gents.  A LOT.  

But the time at night when I am not sleeping I am continuing to work on my book in my mind.  I have to write and rewrite a chapter in the myriad of nerves and synapses before I can even think of putting it to paper or computer.  I may be a bit OCD of me and certainly not the most efficient way of putting a book together, however it is coming together.  very very slowly.   .  There is a basic arc to the book 

On the upside, this time to think has given birth to another book idea.  It will be one with occasional illustrations done by yours truly (assuming they pass my demanding eyes' test) and will be mostly in short story style.  A sort of memoir based book.  Snippets that trace some of my more humorous attempts at love, sex and the other parts of relationships I have struggled in many an embarrassing manner to comprehend, yadda yadda yadda.  If any friend suddenly appears in my words I will certainly ask permission.  much of the prose exists in my brain and from the first person perspective, but I have a few ideas that would tweak it's presentation in a way I have never seen before.  Let's say I report of a time that you as a friend were near to or a part of the ongoings.  I write my take and then before you are tainted by my view, you write yours.  And free of the fear of offending one another.  Just honest prose.  These two take on the same real life situation and demonstrate the discrepancies between memories, beliefs, perceived truths and present a multidimensional view.  I acknowledge the self-obsessive nature of such a project, but I find it intriguing as well as personally challenging.  

I am speaking as though it is written and all I am waiting for is the input of others.  Ha!  far from it.   However, once you have an idea, you feel like you have everything.  Minus the hard work.

It was at this point late in the night that Elton John (other, non-seizure cat) nudged my computer away and started kneading on my belly.  Within moment knotted up intestinal bits where happily gurgling and hinting that they may give me relief from pain enough to sleep.  EJ with his flashing eyes indicated that yes I should put my typing away and let him do his therapeutic magic.  Who was I to argue.  Just because his brain is the size of a walnut does not mean his intuitive nature is some how diminished by his overall stature and relative pia matter measurements.  He knows more than me I am fairly certain.  

It appears as if again, contrary to the meds I took to droop my eyes, I am awake.  I spent some time in bed relaxing and reading earlier, but to no avail.  so I got up, reheated my tea and set to finishing what I started.  If only the world would allow a person like me whose circadian rhythms don't match up with everybody else to be productive in the late night hours.  I get a lot done between 12 and 4am!!  Unfortunately I beg the Lord and Lady of Hours Keeping at... well inopportune times.  Oh well!  my blog is finished and I have a new one which I am super excited to post for tomorrow.  

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