Friday, June 13, 2008

Mod-Podge addiction

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  Well I refuse to do so at this point, but I am starting to have suspicions that decoupaging contains some sort of addictive quality.  I see plain surfaces and suddenly am filled with images of magazine cut-outs and wallpaper samples all artfully juxtaposed in a funky, yet highly accessible manner.  WTF!  Since when did I become Rosie Odonnell and Martha?  

Remember when Rosie had her own show and she referred to Tom Cruise as a "cutie-patootie" and had a cardboard cut out of him?  Yeah, that has only become more freaky over the years.  I digress.

I have only attacked one item in my home with the mod-podge craziness and am pretty pleased with the results actually.  But the urge is there.  A subtle, yet insatiable desire to carry a small bottle around with me and inhale the gluey fumes and slap a layer or two on items that do not even belong to me.  

I think it may be a sickness or needs to be added to the DSM-IV as a disorder of the mind.  Be careful my friends.  It is like the gateway drug of the crafting world.  I am on a slippery (or rather sticky/tacky texture) slope to getting cable just for HGTV and believing that Mid Century Modern furniture and design is the end all be all of home decor.  


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