Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funny because it's true!

Nasa scientists are saying we are all going to eat shit soon if we don't drastically change our earth raping ways in 3, 2,...

The Sacramento valley is filling with smoke from the 800 plus fires burning from the "freak lightening storms" all over.  

Iowa residents are in a constant state of "did I just piss myself in fear?  I dunno, cuz I am up to my shoulders in fucking water!!"

China is too busy building Olympic arenas they will shortly after tear down (still haven't figured that one out) to address the fact that many of the most populated cities have an air quality so low it is measurably decreasing life expectancy by dramatic numbers.

Mugabe refuses to acknowledge the years of social uprising in Zimbabwe and resorts to extensive violence to quell the voice of the people who are simply asking for a chance to vote.  

I went to trader joe's today and reused my bags for the 5th time... Feeling groovy!  

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Walnuts are good said...

I keep coming back for more, but I really think I am NEVER going to finish your blog. Everytime I start reading I have to stop from peeing my pants with laughter. Is that correct grammar? That and the parts filled with the sad truths about how human life really is lonely inglorious and yucky, sometimes. That nearly makes me cry. You go girl!