Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cue Jack Nicholson's Famous Quote...Now!

I just spent a solid hour coming up with the contents of a super-excellent blog about truth.  Its meaning beyond the facts, its malleable nature to the individual, when saying it out loud does set you free and when saying it out loud royally fucks you.  I used vivid descriptions and personal experience to illustrate my points and let me tell you it rocked.  massively.  

But I didn't write any of it down and now I am too tuckered to rehash it all.  And really the basic conundrum is the same to all of us, so I probably don't need to expound on it for anyone else sake but my own.  We all know it is subjective and we all know what is really in our heart.  the debate hinges more on right and wrong, timing and intent, joy and panic.  

Here is a picture of a device that would put me into a full blown psychotic episode. 


designed to illicit confessions from criminals it certainly appears daunting to me.  I am pretty sure I would confess to being a kebler elf, Erzebet Bathory, the inventor of these fine under garments:
Yep, designed to catch your farts!!!! they come with replaceable filters too!  This blog went from serious to raunch-tastic fairly quick.  WOOT!

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