Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Susie Homemaker: part one

I would like to introduce a character to the blog.  Her name is Susie Homemaker.  We all know her from TVland reruns, kitschy retro decor and magnets, and from the collective unconscious we all share.  These are her stories.  And yes we write what we know, so Susie is part me and part illusion.  

Susie Homemaker stayed up last night finishing the laundry and writing lists.  Susie likes to write lists because she can then cross the items off as she does them.  They are proof she exist.

Today Susie Homemaker made coffee in the french press.  She bought fresh produce at the local farmer's market.  She watered her plants and wondered why the windowsill herb garden she was trying to cultivate insisted on wilting.  Was the basil sad?  Did it have feelings?  She read it a story because she heard that talking to your plants encourages them to grow.  The basil continued to droop.

Susie made a peach cobbler from scratch.  She didn't even need a recipe.  The measurements of flour, egg, butter and sugar came naturally.  Susie set the timer as the house filled with the delicious smell.  35 minutes later the buzzer went off and she peered into the oven.  Almost perfect.  Just a few more minutes.  

Susie wondered if while it cooked and she stared out the window just waiting if she was dying faster than at other times.  

The cobbler sat on the counter to cool.  Is it in bad form to drink gin at 9am she queried the basil plant.  The plant wished it could talk to Susie.  It would read her stories too.

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